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We're Back!!!

It has been almost 2 years since I last posted here and it is difficult to know where to start.  I have been staring at this post screen for quite some time trying to figure out just what this entry should read after all this time away and where exactly all that time went. 

It is by inspiration from my neighbor and friend Emily that I decided to start blogging our family adventures again, and I thank her for that. In looking back on past posts I have realized that this miniature timeline is more important to me than I realized.  Today I looked back on the first post I wrote, the stories of  the girls' antics that still make me laugh when I read them and the time lapse images of Dan and I aging as gracefully as I think either of us know how.  I don't want to lose these moments, and I certainly don't want this life puzzle we are putting together to sit uncompleted.

Looking back I see where it all started going down hill and I blame it on using Facebook.  I got lazy and started quickly posting  items there where  I could see instant gratification for a cute picture or a one sentence snipet.

Nothing I have ever done in my life has been instant.  Nor has it ever taken me one sentence.

This can only mean one thing.

The Milbrandt's are Back to Blogging!!!

Stay tuned....I promise there is more coming soon



Bohlke said...

I am so glad. I missed seeing the up dates. I checked ever so often. I never gave up.

Emily said...

I'm so honored to be mentioned in your blog in an capacity and feel as if I just won a Grammy, so I will start by thanking you for being a fabulous neighbor, friend, and fellow blogger :) I'm so excited to catch up on all of your previous posts too!

Stephanie Hickerson said...

I have always said it, and I will say it again. You have a way with words that could never be outdone! Well done Tiff and I'm so glad you're back. I love your blogs! Miss you guys. Life should be slowing down for a millisecond in July. Let's try to get together one weekend then!