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Say What? Ja Way Go?

Dan and I were presented with an amazing opportunity to enroll both girls in a Spanish Immersion program for 7 weeks of the summer.  We discussed this at length and in the end it was a no-brainer decision.  Fun, education and another language?!?  Sign 'em up!

We chose to enroll the girls in the program for 3 days a week which allows them one or two days at our normal daycare for relaxing days and gives us the chance to still take those long weekends away we have planned this summer.

In discussing this new summer plan with the girls, we had a cute kid story occur:

Tehya:  I think this sounds like fun, but I already know Spanish.
Mom:  Yes, you learned some Spanish in school this year but this school will teach you more words and how to use them the right way.
Tehya:  Ok, but I already like know all the words.
Mom:  You know ALL the words?  I doubt you learned ALL the Spanish words in a two week section on Spanish.
Tehya: I know A LOT of words.  Like words for food, drinks, animals, you know, all that stuff.
Mom:  What is the word for Milk?
Tehya:  I dont know, I need to look it up in my packet.  But I know how to say Juice.  Its JA-WAY-GO
Mom:  (Trying very hard not to laugh) Honey, its not pronounced the way its spelled.  I think maybe you say it like whey-go or something like that?
Tehya: Oh, are you sure?  I guess Spanish school would be good.

Todays Spanish Lesson is brought to you by 123TeachMe.com:

English Word: juice

Spanish Word: jugo, zumo

Now we all know how to say juice in Spanish :-)

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