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Fathers Day - Remembering and Celebrating

Fathers Day has come upon us again and in the joy of watching my girls create their handmade cards for Dan I find myself remembering back to the Crunch Bar I used to purchase yearly. 

You see, Crunch Bars were my dad's favorite candy bar and it became tradition long before I knew what a tradition was for me to give him one each Fathers Day that we would share.  In looking back after all of these years I sometimes wonder if the Crunch Bar really was his favorite, or if maybe it was just the joy of me tearing open that wrapper for him that gave him such a huge grin on his face.

I watch Dan have that same grin with our girls and I am grateful to have him as their dad.  I am watching him build the relationship with each of them that I had with my dad, and that is priceless to me.

Dan is a dad that teaches our girls to do things, instead of just doing things for them.  Our Fathers Day project was prime example of that as the girls helped Dan assemble the "new" backyard swingset that we inherited from their cousins.  Ada helped carry parts and Tehya took the helm with the drill:

We also took our yearly Daddy Daughter Photo:

And we then enjoyed dinner at Big Bowl with Dave, Becky, Lauren, Kate and Diane. 
Both Tehya and Ada did a really good job using chopsticks, but I have to say Ada was the most entertaining to watch - mainly because she had ordered chicken noodle soup for dinner!!!

For me, Fathers Day is a day set aside to celebrate the Dads in our lives and to say thank you for the amazing job they have done. 

To Dan:  You are an amazing father and a wonderful husband.  I thank you for your humor, your patience and most of all the way you are with our girls.  I could not hand pick a better father for them out of a book if I tried.

To my dad:  Although you are gone, you will never be forgotten.  I am forever grateful for the life lessons you taught me and for the person that you helped me become.  I will never be able to show you those things passed on to my children, but I know you would be proud of all of us if you were here.

Happy Fathers Day!!

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Emily said...

How very sweet! I love the new playset too :)