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Cinderella is NOT the Only Princess

This past weekend the girls and I joined Grandma Sue for a production of Cinderella at Eagan High School.

We always love plays and shows, however this one was very extra special as they invited girls to dress as a princess!!  Can you imagine the excitement?!?

After much deliberation the girls decided that they would like to wear the beautiful gowns that Aunt Shari had made for them to wear as flower girls last summer in Jeremy's wedding.  They also made it very clear to me that they expected to wear lipstick, because of course all good princesses wear lipstick.

Here are the girls all dolled up, fancy hair and lipstick complete:

And here are the girls with Grandma Sue:

As you can see, Grandma made their day by making them true princesses and crowning them each with a tiara. 

We had a fancy lunch at Perkins, where the girls were bombarded by compliments of their beauty.  This was enjoyed very much by both of them, and made mom and Grandma both very proud!

We then headed to the play - which started with the girls being registered as Princesses and being whisked away for the Princess Parade.  The crew members of the play started the show by announcing each girls name as they walked across the stage (with a glittery take-home septor in hand of course!) and then the LARGE group of Princesses all took a curtsey and exited the stage to watch the play from their seats.

Here is a photo of all the Princesses on stage (my apologies for the poor quality).  Tehya is the one with her hand up waving:

What a fun day -- thank you Grandma Sue!!!


GG & Papa said...

Looks like a wonderful time had by all. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is so darling!! I wish I had a girl. . .

Aunt Anne :)